Working on potty training my son, at first he would tell me when he was wet or had to go. Now he doesn't tell me or care if he is wet. Please help.?

Cares if He is Wet. When he wants changed 80-90% of the time, he can be trained. If not be patient until he is ready.
Put him back in . diapers, not pull-ups that wick moisture away, making being wet less uncomfortable. Stop all attempts to toilet train. In a week or so, put a clear glass bowl with age-approprite, safe small items in it on top of the fridge. Say nothing. When he asks what they're for, casually say, "Oh, they're for when you choose to pee or poop in the toilet." When he does so, let him choose one reward. .
Gentle persuasion. This is one of the oldest conflicts between parents and infants. When you clean up your child, he is getting valuable attention which he loves. If he uses a toilet he may lose this. You are of course far more upset with the mess than he is. Potty training requires patience, persistence and encouragment . Punitive measures are generally unhelpful.