What is active TB disease?

Tough to treat. It means it's not in the latent or dormant stage. It's actively causing an infection in the body, usually the lung but it can occur elsewhere like the kidneys. It's also considered contagious in this active phase and needs several medications to treat it.
Active TB means. That the tubercle bacillus is actively replicating in the body, usually but not always in the lung. For most cases of active tb, constitutional symptoms such as loss of appetite, night sweats, and weight loss occur. Latent TB means the bacillus has been controlled by the immune system and is mostly not replicating.
Active TB. Active TB disease refers to the state where the TB bugs are actively mutiplying in your body, causing local tissue destruction which can lead to symptoms. Sysmptoms can be very non specific, such as - weight loss, low grade fevers, night sweats, feeling tired all the time, persistent cough, neck swellings etc. Please consult your doctor immediately if you are concerned about active TB disease.