How do I tell if my 6 week old baby is conspicated? He is very gassy and fussy.

Costipation=dry. Breast fed kids may go a little every feed or one bulky stool every 7-10 days & if soft they are not constipated. Most formula babies go 1-2xd. Any stool that is dried out is constipation & a sign things are not moving along fast enough. Gas is from air swallowed or gas produced by gut germs. Fussy is whatever baby feels pissy about often fatigue.
Depends. At 6 wks, babies should be pooping every day and if breastfed, with each feed. Constipation means baby is not pooping in over a 24hr period. Gassy and fussiness can happen with colic. So if your little one is pooping, try mylicon drops for the gas. If baby is not pooping like usual, you may want to contact your pediatrician. A teaspoon of pear juice once or twice a day may help.