Every since being diagnosed with TMJ I have sore spots around my jaw, sore muscles on my back, & arm pain. Is this normal?

TMJ. Tmj is primarily a condition caused by muscle tension about the jaw joint. Sore areas around your jaw are to be expected; these usually reflect muscle spasm around the inflamed joint. If you have enough muscle tension in your body to cause tmj, you may also be susceptible to muscle spasms in other areas of your body like your back and arms. Warm compresses and Ibuprofen would be expected to help.
Yes. Yes very common TMJ symptoms. Other diseases like fibromyalgia can cause similar symptoms. See your MD.
Not really. You may be experiencing a decrease in immune defense due to you being sick. I would go see a doctor to rule out another illness.
These are tigger pts. Yes these can be normal . They are known as tigger spots . When touch they can cause pain in certain areas. Usually these can be control through injection therapy .