Wrist pain when lifting?

Depends. Causes of wrist pain during lifting include tendonitis, synovitis (early arthritis), wrist sprain (ligament injury) just to name a few. If syndromes persist despite rest and activity modification, see you doctor or a hand specialist for a comprehensive evaluation.
Tendon injury. Wrist pain with lifting/yoga is most likely a tendon injury. Rest the hurt area. Getting a splint to hold the wrist straight, icing it after working out, and using Motrin can help. If it is not better, consult your physician.
The wrist is a. Rather complicated joint. To be able to adequately guide you this would require much more information and to be honest, you'd be best served by seeking an in-person evaluation, particularly if the pain is severe and/or limiting your ability to function as you desire.
Several things. The list would be quite long to cover in this forum. However if this is lasting for a few weeks without history of injury and it is not getting better, time to have it evaluated by your doc.

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I have swelling in my wrist over ulna everything good moving of hand and wrist just little pain when lifting heavy?

See details. It is likely to be a tendinitis. If it is an issue, have the wrist evaluated by an orthopedist.
Let me advice you. That area of the wrist have very complicated anatomy, I will advice you if you have persistent swelling and pain over there to seek consult from a hand surgeon.