News says no antibiotics for sinus infections. What would you do for severe asthmatics? Can never seem to get rid of respiratory illnesses on my own.

Disagree. While 60-80% of sinus and upper respiratory infections are caused by viruses and no antibiotics are needed, in certain populations, like those with severe asthma, it is better to treat with an appropriate antibiotic along with an antihistamine and intranasal steroid to decrease the likelihood of an acute asthma exacerbation.
Different diseases. It has long been known, and recently confirmed that chronic bacterial sinusitis does not respond well to antibiotics. This is in contrast to acute bacterial sinusitis that will benefit from antibiotics. Still this is a different condition from allergic rhinitis (likely what asthmatics have) that is treated with nasal saline, steroids, decongestants and anti histamines (not antibiotics).
News? Don't listen. Unless I missed something sinus infections are still treated with antibiotics. The problem is a lot of people are misdiagnosed with sinus infections when they have something else. Treated migraines or allergies with antibiotics makes no sense. Also, treating a viral illness with antibiotics doesn't usually make sense. The key is the right treatment for the right problem.