How long is the recovery for a subtotal thyroidectomy? Will I need replacement medication?

1 week or so. Most of my patients are back to work in ~1 week, using narcotic pain meds for only 3-4 days on average. Full activity can be resumed in 2 weeks. Roughly 15% of people will require thyroid supplementation after partial thyroidectomy. Although there is plenty of debate, I recommend thyroid lobectomy over subtotal thyroidectomy for reasons I don't have room to discuss. Good luck!
About a week. Recovery varies. I tell my patients to take a week off. Some folks feel pretty good after 3-4 days; others take 7-10 (or more). Bumps in the road are possible but hard to predict- low calcium, throat issues... Expect to be on calcium pills temporarily and thyroid replacement (synthroid) indefinitely.