Why are doctors so hard on prescribing pain medication if it seems to be the only thing getting through day by day with psoriatic arthritis pain?

Psoriasis pain. The issues is the type of pain medication. With a chronic condition a long acting steady state drug is the best as this avoids the ups and downs that a short acting agent will do. Using a short acting agent for a long duration is a very bad idea. Taking a short acting agent infrequently is not a problem.
ADDICTION. Narcotic pain medication should be the last resort in treating chronic pain. In america we have an epidemic of narcotic overdoses now outnumbering car accidents every year! --a sobering statistic! Doctors do want to get your pain under control (but we usually can not get rid of 100% of your chronic pain) if you have failed all disease modifying meds you are entitled to a trial long acting opioids.
Abuse. As you said, doctors are currently "hard" because more people die from unintentional overdose than from traffic accidents. Prescriptional drugs have higher rate of abuse than heroin and Cocaine together. People like yourself with chronic illnesses and pain can still get prescription but it would require opipid agreement and monitoring of addiction.
Opioid Medication. While it may appear that doctors are becoming reluctant to provide opioid analgesics this is definitely not their doing. The current issues surrounding both opioids and narcotics is resulting in increased scrutiny, censorship, penalties etc. - this produces more reluctance. Opioids are currently the last resort in chronic pain. Monitoring is required if they are used.

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My psoriatic arthritis pain in the spine and fingers is mild. Doc has decided not to use any medication yet. When should he consider using DMARDs?

Quality. It really has to follow a detailed conversation about the risks and benefits of such in light of your quality of life and the severity of your condition. You should be an active part of the decision making process.

I am in desperate need of a refill of my Tremadol. I had a prescription of 240 and took 2 every 4 hours for my severe psoriatic arthritis pain. I am a?

Need a physician. We could not prescribed pain medication on line find a local doctor or your arthritis doctor, or pain management doctor to help you good luck.

Psoriatic Arthritis pain on left hand no strengt throbs shaky hurts with movement feels swollen I put muscle cream like bengay what else can I do?

Psoriatic arthritis. Is muck like rheumatoid and other inflammatory arthritides, consult your PCP or a rheumaotolgist to learn about different medications, some which are psoariasis specific and may help joint issues concurrently some which are specifically for joint issues. Many advanced in the past few years with DMARDS have helped patients but need to understand risks and benefits.