I can be happy one minute and crabby another minute for no reason and I can't control it or my mood at all...Is this normal?

No, it is not. 'happy' and 'crabby' sound like an adolescent's description of two sides of an emotional pole. First thing that comes to mind is a psychiatric disorder known as 'bipolar disorder'. However, it typically involves extended periods of time, not 'minutes'. I don't know what exactly ur labile moods mean. It is likely genetic & not under ur control. What is clear is that u need professional help.
No. No, definitely is not .You need help. You can visit your primary care physician, evaluate for any general medical conditions , psychology, and mood changes related & make the necessary steps for treatment, or consider referred for psychological and psychiatry evaluation. Neurofeedback is helping for anxiety, unfocused, depression, ocd, and others to be determined like anger management mood changes.
Normal? It can certainly be part of the human experience, but i wouldn't want to live like that. First start with a therapist to help you understand why this is happening. If necessary, your therapist can recommend you to a psychiatrist in your area if medications can be helpful.