What can I use for my skin with my lupus?

Many lupus rashes. There is no one lupus rash. People with lupus are normal people who can have a rash. That means just becuase you have lupus does not mean that every rash you get is due to lupus. There are a varietyof lupus rashes and these need to be defined because different rashes are treated differently - cutaneous lupus, subacute cutaneous lupus, discoid lupus, lupus profundus, raynaud's as example.
Photoprotection! Skin of patients lupus erythematosus (le) is very sensitive to sun exposure, regardless of what subtype of lupus you might have. For this reason, i recommend all of my patients with le to use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least spf 30, in addition to a hat and long sleeves shirt as much as possible. As dr goldman mentioned, the treatment will be dependent on the subtype of le.