How is this vaccine given?

Subcutaneous/IM/Oral. Most Vaccines are given Subcutaneous or Intramuscular or Oral like Rota Virus Vaccine only vaccine given orally in USA but oral polio still used in other countries.
Needs more info. Vast majority are by injection. Few are nasal or oral. Would help greatly if you mentioned which vaccine you are asking about?

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How is the hepatitis a vaccine given?

2 or 3 shot series. Hepatitis a vaccines come in 2-shot and 3-shot series. Sometimes, hepa and hepb vaccines are combined in the same shot. Read more...
Like most others... The hepa vaccine is administered via the intramuscular route. It is one of the recommended vaccinations for children since 2006 and confers long term immunity to the virus. There is extensive information about HAV and immunization against it available on the cdc website. (www.Cdc.Org). Hope this is helpful. Read more...