What can I do fix a ripped tongue?

Needs evaluation. While small to medium size cuts and tears will probably heal on their own, it's best to see a general dentist or oral surgeon to have them evaluated. The tongue is very vascular and prone to more bleeding. There is also the risk of infection and it may not heal as quickly or as well if the tear needs suturing. Better to be safe than sorry. Use warm salt water rinses in the meantime.
See oral surgeon. How did you rip your tongue? A minor cut can heal but anything major needs to be treated by an oral surgeon to avoid permanent damage.
Acutely. The tongue has the propensity to bleed heavily. Apply firm pressure between thumb & index-middle fingers with a piece of moist gauze. Small lacerations heal uneventfully. Frenulum tears usually heal uneventfully as well, however, tissue scar tags may be irritating & need to be excised or laser removed. "ripped", descriptively, sounds more significant & may need evaluation in urgent care locale.