What are the most common symptoms of chronic liver disease?

Usually nothing, but. The liver can handle a lot of abuse before you start seeing symptoms. This can take years of abuse sometimes. When the liver becomes so scarred that you develop something called "cirrhosis", or end stage liver disease, then many things will start happening, including jaundice (yellow skin/eyes), bleeding from your GI tract, confusion, fluid buildup in the abdomen and other things.

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What immunization should be given to hepatitis b and c negativr cld (chronic liver disease)?

Hep B vaccine. You should be vaccinated against hepatitis a & b. Unfortunately there is not yet a vaccine for c. The more common cause of cld is non-alcoholic steatorrheic (or fatty liver), but there are several other causes for which you should be evaluated, several of them uncommon, but need exclusion. See a GI doctor with interest in liver disease. Read more...