When did tetanus vaccine become available?

Tetanus Vaccine.. The first inactive tetanus toxoid was discovered and produced in 1924. This vaccine was proven to be successful when it was used to prevent tetanus in the military during world war.
1924. It was first used in the military and is now readily available in many safe formulations.

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What tetanus vaccine is available in thailand?

Vaccine types. And availability can vary by region. Locating a physician practice or health department in the region you are considering would be more appropriate for determining vaccine availability. The World Health Organization may also have more specific information for you. Here is the website link: http://apps. Who. Int/immunization_monitoring/globalsummary/schedules.

Is the tetanus vaccine available without the diphtheria component included?

Yes. The combination shot for kids is not recommended in adults (or kids older than about 7 for that matter) there are combinations for adults, and there is a tetanus toxoid shot that is only tetanus. Everything you ever wanted to know about immunizations can be found at- http://www. Cdc. Gov/vaccines/.
Yes. There is a tetanus toxoid that is only tetanus. However, usually tetanus is given along with diphtheria.

When should I take tetanus vaccine?

Depends. If you can't remember it is likely 10 years since your last shot. If activities like gardening expose you to spores you should consider a booster even sooner. If your life ever brings you in contact with infants, you should consider the tdap which adds coverage for pertussis, which adults can get even if immunized as babies. This would prevent you from passing it to a baby.
Normally. Given at 11 years old then every 10 years. Sooner if you sustain cuts from nasty sharp objects if you have not had tetanus shot in the last five years.

What causes a reaction to the tetanus vaccine?

Pobably the stress. Even a needle can distress some people. If there is an unknown risk factor (e.g. Minor genetic) it could be the "last straw on the camel's back". Overall good health is the greatest protection.

How often should an adult receive the tetanus vaccine?

About ten years. Everything you ever wanted to know about all immunizations, including the tetanus vaccine can be found at- http://www. Cdc. Gov/vaccines/ great material there. Will answer all possible questions.