Is there a cure for penile cancer?

Brachytherapy. In early stages of this disease brachytherapy can be used instead of surgery. This is an organ preserving treatment and can be highly effective for early stages of this disease.
Yes... surgery. If detected at early stages then surgery of the primary cancer and lymph node dissection can be curative....Unfortunately when spread to distatn nodes or other organs it becomes incurable in many cases.

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What food will cure penile cancer?

None. Penile cancer can only potentially be cured by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or a combination of these therapies.

Are there natural cures for penile cancer?

No. Depending on the size, penile cancer can be managed with topical chemotherapy, local excision, radiation, or radical surgery with removal of part or all of the phallus.
Penile Cancer. While there are natural, herbal and other remedies touted in the internet for penile cancer, it is best to consult immediately with your doctor because early intervention is the key to success.

Are there natural medicines to cure penile cancer?

Unfortunately, no. The standard treatments for cancers of the penis include: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, cryotherapy. Natural medicines fall into the category of "complementary and alternative medicine" (cam) and are typically use in combination with conventional treatments. To learn more about "integrative oncology" check out: www. Integrativeoncology-essentials. Com.

What is penile cancer?

Penis cancer. This is cancer of the penis. It is a malignant condition that will spread if left untreated.
Cancer. Of the penis. Usually squamous cell type...A type of skin cancer.

What causes penile cancer?

Poor hygiene. The most common risk factor for penile cancer is poor hygiene, typically in patients who are not circumcised. Another risk factor inlcudes penile hpv.
Penile Cancer. Penile cancer is more common, although still rare, in uncircumcised men. The human papilloma virus (hpv) has been implicated in many cases studied. In other cases, no direct cause is known.

What are the causes of penile cancer?

Here are some... The ultimate cause for cancer is the unwanted mutation of local cells leading to their non-stoppable division & growth in mass, which has been known to be associated with HPV infection notably by subtype 16 & 18, phimosis, no circumcision during young age, etc. But, clinically penile cancer is still a rarity. If concerned, see Doc by following info in http://www. Formefirst. Com/onDealSickness. Html.

Are the symptoms of penile cancer bad?

Penile cancer. Signs of penile cancer include sores, lumps, discharge, and bleeding. Early on these symptoms are quite mild. As long as you have an md check any symptoms that persist for more than a few weeks you can lower risk. Risk of penis cancer is higher in uncircumcised men, due to a higher risk of hpv infection. Other risks include age over 60, having phimosis, poor hygiene, smoking, multiple partners.

What are the symptoms of penile cancer?

Usually none. Penile cancer is usually asymptomatic (ie, no symptoms). It may look ulcerated and have discharge, but there is usually no pain associated with it. There may be bleeding from the tumor or look dry and without discharge.
Penile Cancer. Usually, a red sore that fails to heal or a white, crater-like patch forms. These are not painful. If it is painful, it is not likely to be cancer. The earlier penile cancer is treated, the better the prognosis. Penile cancer usually strikes men in their 60's, typically, so a sore on the penis at a much earlier age is likely to represent a skin condition or an infection.