Is swollen foot a sign of some disease?

Swollen foot. It could be and it could be an injury or a stress fracture high blood pressure, heart disease etc as mentioned. Seek medical evaluation for the proper diagnosis first.
Yes. Low protein, kidney or liver disease, congestive heart failure, venous abnormality in leg, or even blood clot if there is pain.
Could be. Chronic swelling is not normal and should be checked. It could be from too much salt intake or coud indicate heart or kidney problems.

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What to do about my swollen foot?

Get checked... Need more history. See a podiatrist for a complete evaluation of the foot.
Elevatation. May help reduce swelling. There are many reasons the foot might be swollen and a proper evaluation should be done to determine the cause.
Lots of things. There are many causes of swelling (edema) of just one of your feet. They include: injuries such as fracture or sprain, inflammatory conditions like gout or arthritis, infections, injury from a puncture or splinter, a blood clot or a tumor. Sometimes swelling comes from damage to the circulation from an injury to the knee or groin. This often follows knee or hip replacement surgery. See your pcp.

What can I do for a swollen foot?

R.I.C.E. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Also, figure out why the foot is swollen. I.E if you sprained it or broke it, it should be immobilized.
RICE. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation will help if this was due to an injury. If this has been ongoing for awhile you may need a compression stocking from your toes to below your knees. Consult your podiatrist or general doctor if this does not solve your problem.
Swollen foot. As already stated the rest ice compression elevation are all good, but you need to determine the cause of the swelling for proper and effective relief. See your podiatrist for an evaluation.
Ice, elevate, rest. And see your doctor to determine the cause of the swelling.

How does one treat a swollen foot?

It depends on the ca. It depends on the cause. If it is not an injury, it could be a deep vein thrombosis, so go see a doctor and get diagnosed first and then we can talk about treatments.
Swollen foot. As stated, see your podiatrist and get it evaluated and or x rays and then discuss treatments. The cause of the swelling needs to be determined first.

What can I do about my swollen foot?

Depends. On why they are swollen. You can elevate them, but the key is finding out why they are swollen. Is this all of a sudden? Any varicose veins? On any medication? More info is needed, I think it would be prudent however, to let your internist know of this finding.
RICE. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. If you have had an injury I would get an x-ray.
Swollen. The first right thing to do is to determine the cause of the swelling. For that you need to see your podiatrist. If it's from another area of the body the appropriate referral can be made.

What can I do about this swollen foot?

See a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a specialist trained in the care and treatment of foot and ankle conditions. There may be a stress fracture, but there isn't enough information to really make a strong recommendation.
Swollen. As stated, see your podiatrist for an evaluation and determine the cause of the swelling. THEN your doctor will formulate a treatment plan to help you.

What can I do to help my swollen foot?

Non specific. Sometimes just elevation above your heart when sleeping will help there are many causes of foot sweeling. The most common oare idiopathic or heart disease, infection, diabetic foot sores or skin, or sometimes weird infections like filariasis. See your doc.
Swollen foot. The first right thing to do is to determine the cause of the swelling. See your podiatrist for help with this. As this could be from other disease states, the appropriate referral can be made.

How can I make a swollen foot go away?

RICE! Rest ice compress elevate. If no real improvement in a few days, see a foot/ankle specialist. If trauma was involved, get an x-ray and see someone as soon as you can.
Depends. Depends on the cause: without knowing, elevation is a good idea, ice is good except in cases of gout. Is it painful? Was there trauma? Can it be broken? Stress fracture? Do you have varicose ties in the leg? Ace bandage or compressive wrap can be helpful too but again, part of recommending a treatment is based on finding out the diagnosis.

What do you recommend for swollen foot?

Diuretic. Raising the leg, compression stocking--need blood tests, possible ultrasound--see the doctor.
Several things. Ice, elevation, compression, rest.
Swollen. First, I recommend that the cause of the swelling be determined. Then you will get a treatment plan from your treating podiatrist.

Can I die from swollen foot if I ignore it?

It depends. It depends on why it is swollen. An infection or a blood clot, for example, could both be a fatal. You should be seen to determine the cause.
Probably not. You will probably not die from a swollen foot but you coulc die from the causes. See a doctor.