What is an echogenic nodule?

Small nodule. When something is echogenic, it's brighter than the adjacent tissues or the background tissue of the organ. Technically it should be termed "hyperechoic" but "echogenic" is more commonly used.. It also means that it's more likely (not always) solid than fluid. A "nodule" is small, usually less than 2 cm in size.
Bright. Echogenic means brighter or whiter than the tissues around it. Hypoechoic would mean darker or blacker than the tissues around it.

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I would like to ask what is" Multiple tiny echogenic nodules scattered within the right liver. There is a complex cystic lesion in segment V?

Descriptive. This is from results of testing a damaged liver. It is intended for use by the doctor who ordered the test to guide treatment and advise patient regarding decisions. You need to ask that doctor for a consultation. A 2nd opinion of results may make sense too if yoou are not clear. Best wishes! Read more...