What are the symptoms of tetanus?

Uncontrollable spasm. Uncontrollable straining of your back (your head is bent backward to the ground, and your back is twisted in the shape of a "u"), uncontrollable grimacing, and uncontrollable spasms of your muscles. It is significant if you recently had a puncture wound to the foot from the ground, or a puncture wound from a rusty nail anywhere on the body. If you are not immunized see a doctor immediately.
Stiff muscles. The symptoms of disease usually start about a week after infection. There can be fever, rapid heart beat, and high blood pressure. Then stiff jaw and neck muscles develop before it becomes difficult to swallow.

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What are the symptoms of tetanus and when do they usually appear?

Tetanus. Fever, restless, tachycardia, profuse sweating etc can preceed the tetanus spasm. Patients with generalized tetanus characteristically have tonic contraction of their skeletal muscles and intermittent intense muscular spasms. Since patients with tetanus have no impairment of consciousness or awareness, both the tonic contractions and spasms are intensely painful. The average onset is 8 days. Read more...

What are common symptoms of tetanus disease?

"Lockjaw" starts 1st. spasms of face & neck, with drooling, difficulty swallowing/breathing. Spasms progress to entire body, with arched back & neck. They last a few minutes, but are relentlessly repetitive for 3-4 weeks (if patient lives that long) & strong enough to break bones or suffocate the patient Systemic signs include high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, sweating, nervous system dysfunction & death. . Read more...