What's the best treatment to get rid of salmonella infection?

Supportive care. Gastroenteritis, the most common manifestation of salmonella infection in us, generally requires a supportive care, i.e., maintaining good fluid balance. Exceptions include young infants and individuals with sickle cell disease who may require antibiotics treatment.
Salmonella Treatment. Oral hydration is important. Sometimes anti-diarrheal meds are used but may prolong illness. In some cases intravenous replacement of electrolytes & fluids may be required along w hospitalization. Antibiotics may be indicated in patients who are immunocompromised or with sepsis. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/salmonella/basics/treatment/con-20029017.

Related Questions

I am pregnant, will there be complications with a salmonella infection?

Salmonella with preg. Yes there could be complications. Call your doctor to discuss what infection you have and what to expect with the pregnancy.
Maybe, maybe not. As long as the germ does not enter your blood, the risk to baby is minimal. That risk would depend on how sick you become and how that detracts from your ability to carry the pregnancy. If the infection is limited to your intestines and you recover over time, the baby should not be effected at all.

I have cancer, will there be complications with a salmonella infection?

Depends. It depends on the type of cancer, how widely spread, and how it has been treated (and responded). In general, if you have an intact immune system you should recover well from this with "supportive' treatment only (water, electrolytes, and food). If your immune system is suppressed or absent, there is some risk of prolonged illness and/or severe illness and should be treated with antibiotics.
Unlikely. Salmonella infections usually are due to food poisoning. If you have cancer and have very low blood counts (specifically, leukopenia) ask your doctor for a list of foods you should avoid. Adhering to this list will decrease your risk of infections, including salmonella.