Is septic arthritis curable?

Yes, but urgent. Successful treatment requires culture to identify the best antibiotic and emergency irrigation and cleansing of the joint. Usually 6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics is required. A delay or inadequate treatment can lead to loss of the joint and bone infection.
It is an infection. Basically yes. It is a bacterial infection so antibiotics are important. The joint is infected it has to be surgically drained as well for the joint to heal. Often the joint destruction however leaves the joint permanently not working as well as it was before the infection. The worse the joint was at the time it was drained, the more permanent problems from the joint.

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What is septic arthritis and how can it be treated?

Infected joint. Septic means infection. A septic joiint is an infected joint. The treatment is to treat the infection and save the joint.

What is the likelihood of septic arthritis returning?

Low, but possible! If properly treated, sometimes needing debridement as well as antibiotic therapy, it is likely you would be cured. In some instances debritis inside the joint "hides" bacteria from the antibiotics and it returns. This usually happens fairly quickly. With time passage, the chance of recurrence is quite low!

How is gout different than septic arthritis?

Gout is a disease. Caused by an elevation of uric acid in the bloodstream resulting in an acute arthritic attack. Septic arthritis is a much more serious problem, an infection within a joint.
Gout urate inflammat. Gout is due to inflammations from urate crystals in the joint. Septic arthritis is due to an infection in the joint. Gout is not an infection.
Gout. Gout is a form of arthritis, however septic arthritis is not really an arthritic process, it is caused by an infection and must be treated immediately by a doctor.

What is the treatment for septic arthritis?

See below. The treatment for a septic joint is usually IV antibiotics as well as drainage of the knee infection and sometimes a treatment called lavage to clean out the infection in the joint.

What is the treatment for septic arthritis?

Antibiotics, surgery. Treatment is to cure the infection. This is that with antibiotics. Surgical drainage may also be needed. This can be by needle aspiration recurrent draining, arthroscopic drainage or opening an infected joint and removing the infection.