Is it worth a trip to the doctor for nose bleed?

Trip to doctor. I think all visits to doctor are worth it. Besides making a diagnosis and being reassured it is an oportunity to find more about what is going on. Sometimes what appears to be simple hides something serious.

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What can I do for my nose bleed without going to a doctor?

Pinch your nose. There are two kinds of nosebleeds: the more common "anterior" type can be stopped by pinching your nostrils together firmly and holding them closed for a full 10 minutes (use a clock). The less common "posterior" type, usually caused by high blood pressure, is considered a medical emergency; don't attempt to treat yourself, go to an er immediately.
Watch this. Pinch the nose till the bleeding stops. Here is a video with more info for you http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=dp_i-gja7ui if things aren't better in a few weeks or if you have easy bruising or bleeding gums call your doctor.

Nose bleed- I have been having nose bleed for the past 4 day. Do you think I should see a doctor?

Nose bleeds. Most commonly nose bleeds are of benign nature especially when associated with nasal congestion and sinus pressure symptoms. Sometimes there are other reasons associated with bleeding disorders, especially when you have bleeding in other areas or easy bruising. Try to follow up with your pcp if your symptoms don't get better, bleeding is a lot or associated with other bleeding sites in your body.

I've been feeling more tired and have some nose bleed. When should I see the doctor?

More info needed. We need more information to give you a cogent answer: how long has this been going on? How many nosebleeds have you had, and how often do they occur? If this is a longstanding problem, I would definitely suggest you see your doctor.

Why does my nose bleed frequently, even though my nasal cavalries are not irritated or dry? I've been to a doctor, but he doesn't know why.

Various reasons. You could have a bleeding disorder that makes it more likely for you to bleed. Certain medications can cause you to bleed more easily. You may need to have blood work and/or an ENT evaluation.

I went to the doctor about my nose bleed and they took bloodwork and xray they said nothing wrong why is my nose still bleed every six hours?

Hard to say. But you may want to see an ENT (otolaryngologist) to have them look into your nose to see if they can identify the problem.
Causes of nosebleeds. Most common causes of nosebleeds are: 1. Dryness (use ayr gel or similar 2x a day for a month and a humidifier by the bed to help this) 2. Picking nose or vigorous blowing to irritate nose (avoid rubbing at midline of nose where most bleeding comes from) 3. Blood that is too thin (unlikely the issue, but common in people on Aspirin or blood thinners) 4. In very rare cases it can be something bad.

Yesterday I had nose bleed two times, and a pressure of 150/100. My doctor just gave regular blood pressure medications. Please advise what else to do?

Very common. Some people with high blood pressure have a higher risk of having a nosebleed. See your PCP for medication adjustment and blood pressure and controlling blood pressure.