What is the normal antral follicle count in a lady?

Varies. Highly variable by age and whether one is on medicine at the time. A total count (both ovaries) great than 15 is nice to see, with pcos often more than 25. It is best done in the first 5 days of the cycle. A total count less than 7-8 is concerning. But it will vary every month considerably.

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What to do if I have an afc (antral follicle count) scan before?

Besides the antral. follicle count, also have your anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test done. It is the best for checking ovarian reserve. Read more...

4 months ago CD4 FSH was 17mlu/l.This month: antral follicle count on cd3:right ovary-18 follicles. Left ovary:lots of follicles. Which one to rely on?

Probably preamtral . This does sound very confusing. I would have the fsh level performed either on day two or three of a subsequent cycle and also an amh level performed any time during the cycle. Hopefully the original fsh of 17 was in error. Read more...