Where do I go to get a prostatectomy done?

What kind needed. Radical prostatectomy for cancer may or may not be optimal procedure for you depending upon age, grade and extent of tumor. Consider 2nd opinion and ask multiple nurses or doctors whom they recommend as surgeon. Select urologist whose name recurs + performs at least 50/year. BPH is ideally treated by transurethral resection unless prostate is huge, in which case open surgery might be optimal.
Urologist. Prostate surgery is performed by a urologist. Surgery can be performed for benign prostate diseases (including BPH or enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer. Treatment for benign disease typically involves using scopes without incisions. Prostate cancer surgery is usually performed with minimally invasive techniques, often with robotic-assistance.
Prostatectomy. Be an advocate for yourself when researching where and how to have your prostatectomy done. Many robotic procedures are pushed due to the "sexy" nature of the procedure. There is little real data to support its claims and an open prostatectomy done by a skilled surgeon is still the most accepted procedure.