Can the flu shot give my baby the flu?

No. The flu shot is dead. It cannot give your baby the flu. While as in any vaccinations, there are some minor side effects, e.g. Fever, the benefit of the shot far outweighs contracting the flu itself from an infected person. If your little one is over 6 months, then he/she should get it.
No. The flu vaccine for infants (and kids under 2yo) is a dead vaccine. There is nothing alive in the vaccine, and therefore, it is not to be considered contagious. The intranasal vaccine is a live virus vaccine, but children under 2yo cannot get it. The live virus vaccine has been inactivated (like a dog can be neutered) and also cannot cause a flu infection.
No. The flu shot is against a virus called influenza. The flu shot given to babies is an inactivated vaccine meaning that the virus in it is dead and cannot cause the illness. Some babies get a reaction to the components and can get a slight fever or fussiness (but nothing like the flu). Children older than 2 years can get the FluMist which is a live vaccine and can have some mild side effects.
No. No, the flu shot cannot give any baby the flu illness. The flu illness is caused by live, intact, contagious flu viruses. The baby flu shot is not a live vaccine.
Flumist. Agree with dr. Pappas. On a rare occasion, the FluMist vaccine, which is a live attenuated vaccine and administered via nasal spray, can cause mild symptoms of the flu.
'stomach flu' consists of vomiting and diarrhea, and is not influenza. At this time, there are no vaccines to prevent 'stomach flu, ' also known as gastroenteritis.
No. The flu shot contains "dead" flu antigens, so it cannot give you the flu. Sometimes people have already been infected with the flu before they receive the vaccine, but not yet showing the signs. Remeber that the flu shot is given in the fall and winter, when we see more of all respiratory illnesses.
No. The influenza vaccine is not a live virus thus it cannot and does not cause the flu.
No. This is a myth; the flu shot cannot give anyone the flu, because it is a killed vaccine. This myth may exist because colds and bronchitis can be mistaken for the flu, and the flu shot does not protect against them. Also, the flu shot takes 2-4 weeks to provide full protection, so it is possible to catch the flu after the shot. Just remember, it was not the shot, just bad luck and coincidence.
No. Absolutely not. It's a killed vaccine so it is medically impossible for that to happen. Just like getting a polio shot, you can't get polio from the shot. Might get mild flu like symptoms but will not turn into the flu.
No. The flu shot contains no live flu virus, so it is impossible to 'get the flu' from the shot. The confusion lies with the term 'the flu.' influenza is not vomiting and diarrhea; it is a respiratory illnesss. People who complain they got sick after the flu shot were either 1) exposed before they got the shot, 2) had the stomach flu.
No. Flu shots are made up of just a couple of proteins out of the thousands that are part of a whole flu virus. It takes a whole virus to make you sick. That would be like saying that rubbing you with the leg of a tick can give you lyme disease! however, being in the doctor's office to get the vaccine could expose him to flu, just as being in public anywhere during flu season could.
No. Flu shots contain no " live " material. It is physically impossible for the shot to give anyone the flu infection. Can it cause a reaction which might include fever, achiness, and congestion ? Yes, i generally do not see this reaction in younger children.

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Can you give your child the flu shot?

Certainly yes. Any child 6 months or older has the first priority to receive flu shot. Read more...

I think I am coming down with the flu, and we did not give our baby the flu shot. What should I do?

Stay away. If in fact you have infection with the influenza virus this is very easily transmitted to those around you. The probability is that baby has already been exposed, but if you are uncertain and are able to remove yourself from their presence, do so. If not, wash your hands with soap and water regularly, wear a mask, and try to keep exposure of your bodily secretions to the baby at a minimum. Read more...

If your child was autistic, would you give them the flu shot?

Yes. There is no reason not to give a child with autism a flu shot. The only possible reason to not give a child a flu shot is if the child has an allergy to the shot or if it becomes too difficult to give the child a shot or a nasal spray ( an alternative used in young children). Read more...
Yes. There are no studies to show any extra reactions in children with autism receiving flu shots. Read more...
Without Question. There are no questions that the vaccine is safe. An autistic child tends to have much greater negative effects of the infection itself, than any possible problems with the vaccine. Read more...

Is it okay for the pediatrician to give my 6 month old baby the flu shot?

Safe-yes. This vaccine is delayed to 6 months because it is thought the maternal antibodies baby gets from you during pregnancy would otherwise weaken the benefit.It is a safe and effective product. I will run out of my supply for this age group in a week or two. Read more...

Should I give my children the flu shot?

Yes. During the season the flu affects a large volume of the population & causes upwards of 30 + deaths/yr in the us alone. The vaccine must change on a regular basis to keep up with mutations/variations in the flu strains that prevent prior illness from making you immune. The vaccine is effective in preventing the strains in the vaccine but may not cover every strain around. Read more...

Why do so many people say the flu shot gives them the flu?

Similar viruses. It is a killed vaccine, so it does not cause viral infection. Most have no side effects except a sore arm , it rarely cause flu like illness. It may just be an excuse not to receive the vaccine, or what others have said. The influenza vaccine is given in the fall and winter months, when many similar viuses, for which no vaccine exists, circulate and cause illnesses. Read more...

Can the flu shot make my child sleepier for the whole day?

Not likely. Flu shots should not generally create lassitude. If the child is sleepy all day suggest that it is possible there is another reason. If this continues, have them seen by family doctor or pediatrician. Read more...