Is it worth a trip to the doctor for skin ulcers?

Yes, always. Causes of skin ulcesr range from benign, due to scratching, to very serious such as peripheral artery disease (pad). If you have an ulcer that does not heal in 2 weeks you should always see a doctor. There is often an underlying cause that needs treatment-such as infection or poor circulation before the ulcer will heal. Ulcers due to pad if left untreated can result in amputation of affected limb.
Always. A skin ulcer can be due to benign problems like scratching to very serious problems like peripheral artery disease. Sometimes skin ulcers are a sign of an internal condition such as inflammatory bowel disease. If you have skin breakdown that is not healed in 2 weeks always see a doctor to find out why.
Yes. Any persistent ulcer needs to be evaluated for cause.

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How long can I wait with skin ulcers to see if it goes away without seeing a doctor?

Never hurts to check. Most simple skin ulcerations can be treated initially with simple first aid such as cleaning and triple antibiotic ointment, usually applied once or twice a day. Persistent bleeding, increasing redness around the ulcer, increasing pain and simply non-healing after let's say 3 days of the above treatment are excellent reasons to have your pcp check it out.
Not long. I see this question was posted over a week ago. If you still have ulcers, go see a doctor.

What do skin ulcers look like?


How much should I worry about skin ulcers?

Depends. It depends on the type, number, location and etiology of skin ulcers. If you have to ask, you should seek care.
A lot. Skin ulcers if left untreated can lead to infection, loss of muscle, and even deep infection of the underlying bone. Ulcers are usually a symptom of an underlying medical condition that may require treatment such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease. They may also be present in people with diminished sensation, poor mobility, or poor nutrition.

Has honey been used to treat skin ulcers on the leg?

Yes, but.... ..That doesn't mean it's a good idea. At least one study, published last year, found that treating leg ulcers with dressings impregnated with honey did not significantly improve the rate of healing, but did lead to a significantly increased number of side effects. It's best to stick with treatments that have been proven to work, such as compression dressings. Your doctor can help with that.
Yes for centuries. They have uncovered egyptian papyruses from 4000 b.C. That show they used honey in combination with other agents as wound treatment. In modern times manuka honey has been made sterile and packaged for medical use for chronic ulcers. The manuka honey differs from regular table honey only in the type of flower the bees feed on to produce the honey.

What does it mean if I have skin ulcers?

Impaired circulation. Skin ulcers are typically caused by impaired circulation. This can happen as a result of pressure, as in bed-sores and diabetic foot ulcers, or from peripheral artery disease. They are often painless which can be deceiving as we tend to take painless things less seriously. They are always important to treat, however, as they can easily become infected and then cause major problems.
Depends. It depends on the location and size of the ulcers. It could be due to anything from an infection to a problem with blood flow to the area. There are many more possibilities. I would see a doctor to have it checked out soon.

What are the most common causes of skin ulcers?

Diabetes, varicose v. Diabetes is the most common cause of foot ulcers and varicose veins of ulcers on the ankles or lower legs. Both need to be treated to prevent infection.
Veins that leak. Most skin ulcers are venous on the legs/ they can be treated by wearing compression socks or wraps and using absorbent dressings. T.