What are the treatment options for children with pandas?

Yes w/ mixed results. The key factor in pandas treatment is to realize it is a post-infectious autoimmune d/o that attacks the brain. It is the immune response to strep (or other infectious agents) that activate the immune system and leads to symptoms. Pcn may prevent infection and immune activation; however, that may not be enough. In recurrence, look for carriers in the home or classroom. http://pandasnetwork.org.
Not many options. Although there is some agreement that evidence of recent strep infection often seen with suspected pandas ought to receive a round of abx treatment, subsequent management is less certain.Daily penicillin does not seem to alter outcome & some of these kids will require meds for OCD or other issues as they get older.
Shelf Life. Just as certain foods "go bad" if not properly preserved, vaccins may lose their potency without some preservatives. They would not survive the trip from the factory to the offices.The safe mercury compunds are such a preservative.All the current data, which is volumionus, shows no significant safety issues.