What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for primary insomnia?

Primary Insomnia Tre. I understand your need for relief from Insomnia. As per national instate of Health-Treatment needs be based on the nature and severity of symptoms. Non-pharmacologic treatments are effective. These can be warm milk before going to bed, or Tryptophan Ambien and Sonata have short half-lives and minimal side effects. Please see your Physician for diagnosis and Treatment. You deserve Good Sleep!
Two components. Eliminate the use of caffeine, especially after noon. Do not use tobacco or alcohol near bedtime. Avoid heavy meals close to bedtime. Exercise early in the day before dinner to alleviate stress, but do not exercise before bedtime. Avoid daytime naps, and establish a regular schedule for going to bed and getting up keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature, and minimize light and noise+medecine.
Prim. Insomnia? First u need to see your PCP to find out the reason. For this onsomnia. And if no reason found than best thing is sleep hygiene, exersize before 4 pm and avoid drinking caffeinated beverage after 4, and for a shirt time u can take sleeping pill on as needed basis, if u take it for a long time might stop working.
Many. Insomnia is very prevalent and affects everyone some times. One should start with a comfortable room and bed, pleasant temperature, and stress reducers like a warm bath/shower, soft relaxing music or white noise. Avoid late day stimulants with caffeine or nicotine. Otc Benadryl (diphenhydramine) (diphenydramine) is helpful on occasion. Prescription meds are available along with counseling from your family doctor.
Insomnia. 1st) sleep hygiene (dark quiet room c good temperature, drink warm glass of milk or tea like "sleepy time tea" or tilo tea., shower at night, exercise two or three hours before. Read and listen classical music with low volume). Try valeriana &/or melatonin 2) try Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 50 mg/ night (or chlortrimeton) if not contraindic. 3) try only x 2 weeks sleeping pills prescribed. 4)tx other med. Problems.