Is there a cure for polycystic ovarian disease?

Yes, lower insulin. Since pcod represents the expression of the type ii diabetes gene, the primary treatment is to lower dramatically high Insulin levels due to Insulin resistance. Insulin causes the ovary to increase male hormone production that inhibits follicle development. The treatment is best accomplished through a very low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Dramatic wt loss and increased fertility occurs.
Weight loss. The usual treatment for pcos is cycle control with birth control pills. However, the majority of women with pcos are overweight, and weight loss will return the cycles to normal in the majority of them. While weight loss may not be easy, it is quite effective in normalizing the menstrual cycle for those who are able to lose in the range of 30 pounds.
Yes! Insulin resistance, which translates into "hyperinsulinemia" is the culprit. Pcos, aside from inhibiting ovulation, is associated with high free testosterone levels and hirsutism. Glucophage (metformin) helps greatly, as does cycling with clomid. However, weight loss, using low glycemic diets free of sugars and starches, will lower Insulin levels naturally. If pregnancy does occur, watch for gestational dm.