Do doctors see a lot of patients with cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis. Gastroenterologist or hepatologist will see a cirrhosis patient after pcp referral.
Yes. May be secondary to excessive alcoholic beverages or due to chronic hepatitis b or c or sometimes no cause is found. Usually the gastroenterologist treat them or hepatologists ( liver specialists).
Yes we do... . as liver doctors, anyway. about 1/2 million people in the US have cirrhosis, and many more chronic liver disease. .
Yes. Anesthesiologists often see patients with cirrhosis, particularly for emergency surgery, liver transplant or tips. Liver failure can be extremely difficult to manage because of how other organ systems are also affected. Also most meds we use are broken down abnormally by a cirrhotic liver.

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Why kind of doctors do taping to the liver cirrhosis patients?

Depends. In an uncomplicated situation your primary care physician may do that. If there adhesions or other complications, it may take a radiologist or gastro-enterologist to do that under ultrasound guidance. Read more...