My 6 week old baby is refusing to drink expressed breast milk. I've had to supplement with enfamil gentle ease formula. Is this normal?

Weaning. If your baby is nursing with no problem, then this should work. Add a very small amount of breast milk to teh gentlease. Wait a few days and add more.Repeat this process. If you start with a very small amount of pumped breast milk this weaning method usually works. Be patient however.
Possibly. Is the baby drinking your breast milk fine and then refusing when it's offered from the bottle? And then will drink the enfamil from a bottle without any problem? We all know that breast milk is best but if your baby needs supplemental formula that's fine and try not to worry. Formulas are actually pretty good these days and if it's getting at least some breast milk that is fine!
Nursing Problem. Is your baby taking milk from the breast? If yes, then it may be a problem with the way you store your milk, or with the flow of the nipple. You may ask someone else to feed the baby your milk (she expects to nurse from you). If she also refuses the breast, change your diet to avoid "smelly" foods (onion, garlic, etc.). If still refuses, see your doctor (breast disease can cause refusal).
Newborns and feeding. In my experience refusing to drink is often related to a dirty or damaged nipple on the bottle one is using.

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My 7 mo is on breast milk and supplemented with Enfamil once a day at night and he eats purees too. He is very constipated and in pain when having bm.

Constipation. Be sure that the purees don't include bananas or rice. You can try puree of prunes or baby prunes once daily. You can use 1/2 of a pediatric glycerin suppository for him to have a bowel movement until you have straightened his diet out. Good Luck :) Read more...
Constipation. Sometimes breast fed babies are affected by conditions in mothers and medicines they take. Make sure mother is not constipated by adding needed fibers in her diet, have baby examined for any rectal fissures etc, which can cause stool with holding. Read more...

3 week old baby eats 2.5oz of breast milk every 2-4 hrs, with 2-3 supplemental formula bottles included in her daily feedings. Is she eating enough?

Hard to say. If she's playful, interactive and starting to fill out it is likely enough.Having her weighed to see is also an option but once a week is often enough to monitor weight.Most at her age will put on at least an ounce a day. Read more...