How do I tell the difference between a bunion and a callus and a corn? Pain where the tailors bunion is located, but looks like a callus. What is it?

Bunion. A bunion is a large bump at the base of the big toe. Tailors bunion is a lumb at base of little toe and very common to cause a callous. Hope this helps.
Bunion pain. Great question. A bunion/ tailor's bunion is a bone deformity and is typically described by the bones and joints below the skin. On the surface of the skin, a callus or corn (they are actually the same thing) can develop from friction, moisture, and repetitive sheer force. You can have both a bunion and callus, and the pain can be similar. Hope that helps!
IPK. A tailors bunion creates pressure in the lateral side of the metatarsal phalangeal joint. This pressure can cause a very painful lesion known as a intractable porokeratosis a layers deep punctate cornfield lesion at the point of maximum pressure. See a podiatrist and have it removed.