Can emphysema be cured?

No. Emphysema is, by definition, a disease characterized by irreversible damage to the lungs. However, there are all degrees of emphysema and the goal of therapy is to ameliorate symptoms, treat complications, and prevent or slow progression.
Usually not.., Emphysema, or copd, is lung damage that usually occurs due to cigarette smoking. If the patient stops smoking, the lung damage can improve and, if the patient quits at a fairly young age, the lung may heal to almost normal over a long period of time. In the meantime, there are treatments to make the patient more comfortable. Smoking cessation is the best intervention.
Emphysema treatment. Quit smoking first. Emphysema is like an overinflated balloon. Shrinking of the lung can be achieved with medications, vats lobectomy, water steam bronchoscopy or bronchial valves.