Natural remedy for shingles?

Homeopathy, FSM. There are many effective remedies for shingles. Homeopathy is very effective- see http://www.Holisticonline.Com/remedies/shingles/shingles_homeopathy.Htm also consider http://www.Frequencyspecific.Com/ also try vit. A, c, zinc, lysine and antiviral herbs like japanese knotweed and olive leaf extract.
Shingles. Most will say lysine Amino Acid is a natural remedy for shingles. I have been having great success with silver hydrosol. This has been clearing up our cases within 24-48 hours. We use a particular product called argentyn 23 from immunogenics labs.

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Wanted to know if there are any natural remedies to help dry out shingles?

Baking soda. Apply cornstarch or baking soda to help dry the sores. There is no cure for shingles, but treatment with prescription for antiviral drugs can speed healing and reduce risk of complications, like postherpetic neuralgia. Gabapentin and local anesthetics are also very useful for pain relive. Talk to your PCP for more information. Take care. Read more...