Is it worth a trip to the doctor for skipped heart beat?

How do you feel? Skipped heart beat affects practically everyone sometimes. If you're aware but not troubled most of the time, there's no need to see a doctor. Causes include caffeine, stress, lack of sleep electrolyte imbalance from diarrhea, vomiting, diet, sweating etc. If you have a known heart disease (eg hx of heart attack or heart failure), it may be more serious and ought be evaluated.

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What would cause a pins in needle type rush feeling in head and fingers after having a skipped heart beat? No hyperventilation, no panic at the time.

There is more to it! In susceptible persons, just a few altered breaths can change the acid-base balance of the blood like hyperventillation without the emotion of panic. A hidden risk here is that the "skipped heart beat" may be more than a single beat, ie a run of less than adequate heartbeats. There are several possible causes; please see your physician who can direct a painless workup in short order! Read more...