Hands swell and burn unbearable pain?

Get checked for. Nerve inflammation, pinched nerve, medication side effect, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver problems . See your dr for a thorough evaluation. Your past car accidents likely contribute to your present condition. Take care !
Be seen. Multiple potential causes, I would encourage you to be seen for a specific diagnosis and treatment options.

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My daughter gets red blotches on her body when she swims. It is burning itch for about an hour after swimming. Her feet and hands swell up.?

Uncertain? Chlorine Rash – may appear as raised bumps that contain fluid which are found predominantly on arms, knees, armpits & groin. They may cause itching, burning & skin peeling & result in dry skin. Chlorine may cause swollen, itchy, painful, red/ dry or watery eyes. It may cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, sneezing or coughing. Ingestion of chlorine can cause nausea & vomiting. Reactive > Read more...
Is she swimming. in a pool????? Chlorine can sensitize the skin in some people....advise in any case a LONG shower as soon as leaving the pool (or other water) along with a moisturizing body wash!

Hope this helps!
Dr Z.