I have a red itchy rash that looks like mosquito bites. Some of it has clustered on my arm. It is located on my wrists, arms, and stomach.?

Bedbugs or virus. While viral illness could be the cause, don't forget about bedbug ties. Also need to consider what medications/vitamins have recently been taken.
Rash. Rashes are among the most difficult to diagnose without a physicial exam however; some raches have characteristic distribution patterns. Chigger bites can occur in the distribution you describe however, multiple other causes are possible. Accurate diagnosis will require a history and physical exam by an experienced physician, start with a primary care provider, then dermatology.

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Experiencing itchy rash. Also describe me: Skin redness/irritation and Allergic reaction. What should I do? Hand arms and legs mostly hands& arms help

Too little info. Most skin rashes need to be examined in order to offer meaningful insight. In the case of a reaction, a discussion about potential exposures is also necessary. Read more...

I have red itchy spots on my arms, back, neck, stomach and chest. Some of them look like a mosquito bite.

Red itchy spots. Assuming recent onset a biting insect may well be responsible, more history information and a visual assessment would help in diagnosis and treatment. Read more...