How can I keep my 2 week old up during the day so she can sleep at night.

Let them sleep! Normal sleep for a 2 week old can be somewhere between 15-18 hours a day. Babies will generally start developing more normal sleeping patterns starting at 6 weeks of age.
Don't try. As my colleagues have stated, most 2 week olds sleep about 16 hours. They are often awake part of the night. While this can be frustrating, you can not expect a 2 week old to follow your schedule. At this stage of their life you need to follow your baby's schedule. In time you baby will adjust. Thy napping during the day when your baby naps!
Sleep. Infants and Children need to sleep and at two weeks of age, waking to feed every two to three hours is normal. I would advise letting her sleep, since it is important for her development, health and growth.