Getting my first pet scan, will I get sick or nauseous from the radioactive medication/injection that I will receive?

Rarely. Becoming ill as a result of the radioactive injection (18-fdg) for a pet scan is extremely rare (i.e. It almost never occurs). However, *if* you are also having a ct scan *with contrast* at the time of your pet scan, this may make you feel warm or unusual during injection, and can rarely result in allergic reactions. If you have has such a reaction in the past, you should let the staff know!
Read/Watch more here. Please see these articles (and it's related articles) for a good summary and demonstration of the actual pet scan procedure: http://www.Conciergeradiologist.Com/pet-scan-procedure.Html.
Not usually. Involves injection of radioisotope f18 fdg. Isotope tagged to sugar or glucose and goes to areas of increase metabolism of glucose, you should not eat for several hours prior to exam, avoid muscular activity for 24 hrs prior.(glucose goes to these muscles) machine images the distribution of isotope along with ct for localization and attenuation.People do not usually have problems with isotope.