Where do people get mrsa?

From other people. Mrsa is a particular form of staph that is resistant to a common antibiotic, methicillin. The name is an acronym for methicillin-resistant staph aureus. It is considered a skin infection usually, and so it is "caught" from another person with the infection. The germ makes its way into the new patient through a break in the skin, say a bug bite or a scratch, and then grows.
Family, close contac. It is spread by direct physical contact with those infected or carrying it, or from their items of close contacr- towels, clothes, bedclothes, dishes, etc. It can also live on surfaces they have been in contact with, so people can get MRSA in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, athletic facilities.
Mrsa . Mrsa is passed by direct contact. The risk with casual contact is very low with good hygiene. .