Does CT scan of liver show liver disease or inflammation?

CT of the liver. Can show tumors, cirrhosis, bile duct problems, and overall size. Hepatitis (liver inflammation) can sometimes be suggested by the presence of fluid (edema) around the portal vessels but blood liver function tests are the standard by which liver inflammation is diagnosed.

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Is an MRI or CT scan better for looking at liver disease?

It depends on the. disease that is being evaluated. They are complementary exams, and depending on what your doctor is looking for, one or another or both might be appropriate in a particular situation. Read more...

I ve few liver cysts, do I need a repeat ultra sound or repeat CT scan? In order to establish if its polycystic liver disease or something eles? Thanks

Liver cysts. No further studies needed now. Liver cysts are quite common and usually benign. To be sure I would get a liver function panel. If normal I would get one more liver ultrasound 6months to a year later and if there is no change, no further assessment is necessary. Read more...