Where do I go to get a cochlear implants done?

To those experienced. A cochlear implant is a very fine, microscopic procedure that should by done by a well-trained surgeon (usually ENT specialist), who has done many before, can answer all your questions about the procedure (effectiveness, complications..), tell you about how many (s)he's done. Generally, these are done at special centers, such as eye and ear institute in new york.
Cochlear implant. There are many centers around the country. You want to go to a place that has a team of people, including surgeon, audiologist, deaf educator, speech therapist. All these people play an important role in the successful outcome for patients with an implant. You can find centers by going to one of the manufacturer websites and searching for a clinic in your area. Or just google.
An Implant center. You can find cochlear implant centers around the country online if you look at the websites of the three cochlear implant companies - cochlear corporation, advance bionics or medel.