Can my doctor do the knee arthroscopy in his clinic?

No. Knee arthroscopy can be done at an ambulatory surgery center. Several physicians have asc located on the same campus as their office. Knee arthroscopy however is not a office based procedure.
It depends. If his clinic has a surgicenter associated with it, then yes he can. Also, there is a type of knee arthroscopy that can be done in the office only as a diagnostic arthroscopy using a particular type of equipment. No intervention can be done with that type of arthroscopy, however.
Not likely. Unless the md has a surgical center in his office. Scopes require general anesthesia and pristine sterilization. The equipment for the case is quite elaborate and expensive, so most often it is owned by a hospital.

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How long do doctors usually wait for knee replacement after knee arthroscopy?

Time. This all depends on the level of pain that the patient exhibits. Other factors include quality of life such as activities of daily living, range of motion, deformity and imaging findings. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: knee arthroscopy?

Camera in joint. A procedure where two or more small incisions are made too allow for a small camera and instruments to be placed into the knee joint to perform various different procedures. Read more...
Scope exam of knee. A scope (arthroscope) is inserted into the knee to allow visual examination of the structures in the knee for diagnosis. Operative arthroscopy of the knee allows treatment of specific problems without an incision or with limited incisions. Read more...