Can you die from cellulitis?

Rarely. The infection in severe cases can spread causing sepsis. It is best to treat early with antibiotics so that infection resolves and does cause complications such as scarring, color change or systemic effects.
Possible-depends. Untreated cellulitis can certainly spread and worsen to the point of overwhelming bodies organ systems. Can also be a sign of underlying more significant tissue injury such as abscess, necrosis or necrotizing fasciitis. Mostly self limited with appropriate treatment, but that distinction needs to be made by a qualified doc.
Yes. Of course one can die with cellulitis. The reason why you need to be seen by an expert in the treatment of cellulitis.

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Can you die from periorbital cellulitis?

Possibly. Periorbital cellulitis per se involves the superficial eyelid; if left untreated, it may progress to orbital cellulitis, which involves the eye's soft tissues. Complications of the latter can involve bone, blood clot in the cavernous vein, brain abscesses, loss of vision, &/or death. If you or a family member has infection around the eye, see your fp, better, an eye specialist, for treatment. Read more...
Potentially. If any infection is left untreated one can die form the overwhelming infection. Read more...