Are some people more prone to getting genital warts?

Yes. Genital warts are caused by a virus called hpv. The virus is sexually transmitted and is the most common std in the United States. People with multiple sexual partners or people with changes in their immune system are more likely to struggle with this virus and the warts associated with the virus. More importantly, the virus has been shown to be a cancer causing virus so be careful.
Absolutely yes. Absolitely yes! If for nothing else you should have this looked into confirm the diagnosis and receive appropriate counseling about this. Clearly sexual habits and brainier devices or failure to use these will predispose you. Immunodeficiency may increase risks as well.

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How to get ride of genital warts?

GENITAL WARTS RX. Aldara cream, Condylox (podofilox) Gel are two of the prescription medications that dermatologists and recommending for genital warts. They are expensive. There are no over-the-counter medications for this as yet. Best luck.

Could an individual get genital warts?

Yes. Genital warts - caused by hpv virus - are common, but not dangerous. Symptoms include itching and bleeding they are contagious - and should be treated. Treatment depends on how many warts are present - a few can be coagulated or frozen in a doctor's office. A lot often requires a trip to the operating room. They all can be treated and removed. Peter wilk, md.

Can you get genital warts from a toilet?

Yes possible. Papilloma virus is contagious possible but unlikely as most of the time it is not from toilets.

Can you get genital warts from the sheet?

Genital warts. Generally, about two-thirds of people who have sexual contact with a partner who has genital warts develop them within three months. Genital warts are indirectly associated with use of birth control pills due to increased sexual contact without the use of barrier protection, multiple sex partners, and having sex at an early age. You cannot get genital warts from bed sheets. Skin to skin contact.
Unlikely. Hpv is virus spread by human-to-human contact.

How common is it for somebody to get genital warts?

HPV is common. 70 - 80 % of young women in the U.S. Have or have had hpv. There are several types, some can cause cervical cancer, some cause almost no trouble at all, and some cause warts. Warts are primarily cosmetic, although they can be transmitted sexually. Reducing the bulk of the warts can be done with chemicals or other means of cautery. Your immune system is ultimately going to get rid of the hpv.
It depends. Genital warts are caused by a certain strain of human papilioma virus. Ther are over 100 strains of this virus, some of which cause cervical cancer, and one that causes warts. Hpv is a sexually transmitted disease, and some say that 60 % of the population has some strain of the virus. The wart strain is very common, but can be prevented with with an available hpv vaccine. Male or female, see a dr.

Is it possible to get genital warts from toilet seats ?

Genital warts toilet. Not very likely! Scabies, crabs, possibly; warts, very rare if never.
HPV & Toilet Seats. Fortunately, this is a myth, but still remains a common belief among many people. The human pappillomavirus (hpv) cannot be transmitted through sitting on a toilet seat. Because viruses cannot survive long outside of the body, hpv cannot be transmitted this way.

What to do to not get genital warts from my girlfriend?

Not that much. Unfortunately, short of not having intercourse (of any form: oro-genital, genital-genital, or anal-genital) there isn't much you can do to reliably prevent transmission of hpv. Condoms don't reliably prevent the spread of hpv.

How old must you be to get genital warts surgically removed?

No limit. Genital warts usually by definition are caused by genital contact -- which should not be occurring in children/pediatrics. Your name is "mommy" so I interpret this to be female: if there is abuse, this needs to be reported, the patient removed from the circumstance, and then treated. Surgery, laser therapy, liquid nitrogen, podophyllin, etc are all possible methods of treatment.

If I smoke after someone who has genital warts can I get it?

No. HPV, the virus that causes genital warts, is found in semen and vaginal secretions, and is not transmitted by saliva. It is possible, although rare, for HPV to be spread through oral sex (cunnilingus or fellatio). The virus does not survive generally in oral fluids and the chances of transmission through smoking the same cigarette as someone with HPV would be highly unlikely.
No. The HPV which causes genital warts must come in contact with the genital area to transmit the warts and I can't imagine how a cigarette would come in contact with both your genitals and the genitals of someone else. However, if you do contact the virus, smoking decreases your immune systems ability to control it and you are more likely to develop warts and it is harder to get rid of them.