Is lice curable?

Head Lice. Can be curable, but it takes some work. See your doctor for diagnosis and proper medication. Your doctor will give you instructions how to use the medication, what to look for, and how to recheck to make sure the infestation is gone. If you do not get information from your doctor or pharmacist, please open and read the following link: www.Cdc.Gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.Html.
Yes. Treatment of lice requires accurate identification of nits & / or lice. A pediculicide is usually used. There are over the counter products like nix (permethrin) or rid or prescription medications like lindane or malathion. You work carefully through the hair and remove the individual nits. You can purchase a special lice nit comb to aid you. Check for nits & remove as seen over the next 7 to 10 days. If >>.