Are there some genetic reasons I get tooth infection off and on?

Possibly. You may have an inherited condition that interferes with your immunity but it's much more likely that repeated tooth infection is related to infrequent professional care, inadequate oral hygiene, and choice of foods. Frequent brushing with good technique, flossing, and regular professional cleaning are the keys to avoiding further infection.
Probably not. There is no correlation between genetics and tooth infections. Tooth infections are due to poor oral hygiene, a compromised immune system and lack of routine dental care.

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I was having trouble getting deep breaths since I had gotten a tooth infection. Now that my tooth had been removed all problems have gone away? Reason?

Not sure. But any infection in your mouth is not only limited the tooth , it can spread to the surrounding tissue and organs ver quickly, if the infection as draining into your throat or sinuses it could cause all kind of breathing problems. At least you got it taken care of. Good going. Read more...

I have sour teeth? What's the reason recently had a wisdom tooth infection?

Dental exam. Did you have your wisdom tooth extracted? Or is it still present and infectied again. There are a number of reasons for this. It is best to see a dentist to determine the cause and the best treatment. Then follow thou is needed. Read more...