How would a blood clot in the head affect me?

See details. That is a cerebral thrombosis and can cause a stroke. The damage and neurologic deficit it causes depends on the area of the brain that the specific blood vessel supplies.

Related Questions

Can a person with a blood clot in their head dislodge it through aggressive coughing?

Possibly. Wile I have never seen it happen, I'm sure it is possible but not very likely. If you start having numbness, difficult speaking or trouble using part of your body, go to the er immediately.

My friend, 56 yrs of age, was diagnosed today with a blood clot in his head, What happens now?

Blood clot. What happens now varies, depending which area of the brain is affected by the blood clot, some blood clot can be dissolved with medication (tissue plasminogen activator) if there is no contraindication to use it.

Could an internal clicking in my head be connected to a blood clot?

Not likely. Blood clots in the head do no usually manifest as clicking in the head. Please consult your pcp/neurologist so he can formally examine you.

Will a head blood clot require surgery? Will taking medicine be enough to make the blood clot go away?

It depends. Depending on the size, nature, and location of the blood clot, surgery may or may not be required. It would also depend on if the clot was causing symptoms or not.