My father age is 89years old he found a tumor in his uretryuretry doctors said he need a surgery to take of kidney and uretery and maybe he will need?

Nephroureterectomy. A tumor in the ureter is almost always transitional cell cancer (tcc). Tcc varies from low-grade/indolent to high-grade/lethal. But nephroureterectomy is major surgery with real risks. The decision to operate should take into account the patient's age and other medical issues, as well as the nature of the tumor. If the risks are deemed too great, consider surveillance. Get a second opinion.
Growth on ureter. Any part of the body may develop a growth - sometimes benign and occasionally a cancer. Your father must have had some symptoms leading to an evaluation and either has an obstruction of his ureter with damage to the kidney, or a growth that looks suspicious. It is likely he is being managed by a urologist - this is appropriate and logical.