Can forgetting to take your birth control pill cause you to not get your period when you normally should?

You may be pregnant. I don't know the pill, dosage, day(s?) you forgot, but since they prevent pregnancy if taken as prescribed, you can do the logic. There's a possibility you'll get pregnant if you don't take 'em as prescribed. Missing a period's seen as a first indication/sign of pregnancy. Do a home-test or see your doctor. If you are not pregnant, try to remember to take each pill & consider alternative methods.

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Is birth control pill still effective if you get your period at a time other than the placebo week?

Breakthrough bleedin. Breakthrough bleeding (bleeding at the wrong time) is very common on birth control. It happens in about 1/3 of users. Its no big deal and usually self corrects over time. If you are not satisfied or it continues to happen then consider using a different birth control method. It is a common side effect and does not mean something is wrong or that the pill is not working. Read more...

Can loestrin 24 fe birth control pill make your menstrual period go away?

Yes. Most women will have lighter period than before the pill. It is possible the menstruation goes away. If this is the first time you missed the period, take pregnancy test 2 weeks apart. If they are negative, one can presume the missing period is from the loestrin 24. Read more...

How soon should I take a pregnancy test? I am at the end of my first month of a new birth control pill. The second week, I took a pill a couple of hours late. The health information that came with my pill said that might cause me to go without a period th

A . A home pregnancy test is 97% accurate 1-2 weeks after your missed period or 5-6 weeks after your last normal period. Good luck! Read more...
Pregnancy test. If you miss your period by 4-5 days, do a home pregnancy test. If the result is negative repeat the test 4-5 days later unless you get a period by then. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions for the test carefully.
If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time. You may consider implanted contraceptive, or IUD.
Practice safe sex.
Get HPV vaccine,
.