I can hear my heart beat in my ear. It freaks me out. Why am I hearing my pulse in my ear?

Very common. Usually not a sign of a significant problem. Changing position usually helps. Be sure to get your blood pressure checked to be sure that is not an issue.

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When I put my right ear on the pillow I can hear heart beat or pulse?

Heart beat. When you place your ear on a solid or relative solid, the sound conduction through that solid is better than through air, so you may hear the heart. Read more...

Feels like a vein pulsing in ear canal, occurs for a few seconds when burp/hiccup, I can't hear it I just feel it pulse like heart beat uncomfortable.

Otitis w effusion. You may have otitis media w effusion (also called serous otitis) where normal ear drainage & pressure-equalizing systems are blocked. Tho antihistamines or decongestants may relieve some congestion, they are not proven cures. Generally, this clears on its own in 10-12 weeks. See your clinician or ear-nose-throat specialist if worsens, doesn't get better, or you have concerns. Hope that helps. . Read more...